I don’t know why, but I’ve always been infatuated with hair. Growing up, I went through short hair phases, long hair phases, dark hair, red hair, platinum blonde, and the list keeps going. I love how much it can change a person’s look, and how much you can express yourself with it. As of now, I’m going through a long hair, natural phase. No straightening, letting it grow. Hair can really define a person.

I sewed 2 pages together to make a giant pocket for a simple hair collage. I plan on journaling somewhere on these pages, just as soon as I decide which spot would be best. I’ll be sure to update this post once I get that done.

Journal Challenge: What’s one thing in particular you’ve always loved?

Art Challenge: Sew a pocket and attach it to your page however you like. It can be cute and tiny, a full page like mine, or you could add several small ones. Use it to store relevant pictures, journal entries, whatever!

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day, yesterday! I worked all day, and it rained nonstop :) Exciting, I know. Have a good Monday!


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