Weekly Links!

(The Road Is Home)

There’s nothing I don’t like about these set of photos. The colors… Everything.

(Kitty And Buck)

I LOVE the direction this post by Kitty took. I cracked up!

(A Law Student’s Journey)

How can you say no to this cork card holder DIY?! It’s perfect for lazy people like myself!

(A Beautiful Mess)

I never got into gardening until I realized how many ways you can plant things! I adored this Garden DIY!

(Here Comes The Sun)

I just REALLY want her outfit. Oh my lanta that BELT!!!

(Casey Leigh)

All I know is that I hope I look this stylish when I decide to have kids one day (that dress!!!).

(The Dainty Squid)

I’m really starting to envy this girl’s camera collection. It almost makes me sad to see awesome posts like these. *sigh* Maybe someday.

(The Daybook)

And here’s the most creative tear-jerker you’ll ever watch :’)


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