Summer Lovin’- Accessories

I need all of these boho bags in my closet. Preferably right now. I couldn’t find the original source, but it’s on Pinterest!

(Written Nerd)

I can’t get over these dewy decimal vintage library card bookmarks! What a cleverly neat design <3


I would wear this as much as I could. The arrow head and the design of the bracelet itself is stunning!

(Real Simple)

I really like the calming vibe of this room. Oh, and the color scheme is on point! Give me those pillows, the flower and vase on the shelf area, the wooden chair, the couch, and the globe… And maybe the storage shelf thing, and I’ll be a happy girl!

(Design Milk)

Refurbished vintage cameras (that still work!). Can’t get any cooler than that.


The fact that I don’t own this necklaces makes me cringe! CRINGE I tell you!

Another sourceless image, but these adorable bow-studded flip flops would be the perfect touch to a really cute spunky outfit!


From the intricate design of the first sandal, to the rasta touch of the second, I don’t think I can live another day without these sandals in my life.

What summer accessories are you cringing over lately?


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