Camera Wishlist


How awesome is this Fisheye camera?! I didn’t even know they made fisheye cameras, I always thought they only made the lenses! Must have!


This guy is definitely #1 on my Christmas list this year. It’s legit.

(Unique Photo)

The Instax 210. Otherwise known as Instax “wide.” I already have the Instax Mini and loveeeee it! I’ve used up all of my Christmas film and need to get more. These things are FUN!

(The Dainty Squid)

You can’t not get creative with this thing. I first read about it on Kaylah’s blog and have been envying since! I HAVE to get my hands on this!


Who wouldn’t want an underwater digital camera? I used to have a film one when I was little and loved using it. I would love to relive these memories!

(Cheeky Lime)

(Jo Totes)

My current bag crushes. I love everything about both of them!

Can I brag on Jo Totes for a sec? I recommended them to a family friend and she actually went and bought one! I was told that she was looking for a new bag that didn’t look so much like a basic, boring camera bag and I told her about Jo Totes and how they’re basically camera¬†purses. Her husband said she loves it and it holds up great. They just got back from vacation and thanked me again for showing them their site. So two thumbs up for Jo Totes! Otay, I’m done.

(Phat Strap)

I solely believe this camera strap was made for me. Design, colors, everything. Yes.

What’s on your camera wishlist? Have you been able to cross anything off? I’m more than ready to start crossing things off mine!


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2 Responses to Camera Wishlist

  1. mohdaswad says:

    I love instax…:))

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