A Little A Week

See this little cutie? This is Patrick. He’s 2. His family goes to our church. Recently, I found out that Patrick was severely ill.

His parents noticed he was taking longer and longer naps, and even extra ones, which we all know is pretty unusual for 2 year olds. Not only would he take all these naps, but he would still sleep through the night after taking them. His parents were alerted by this and decided to take him to his pediatrician, who is also his grandfather. They did a CT scan and found that he had a lot of pressure in his head, which was caused by a brain tumor. They were sent to Vanderbuilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. After doing a few more scans and tests, they discovered the tumor had spread to his spine. From there, things kept getting worse. Patrick went through 5 surgeries in 9 days, due to many different complications caused by their recent discovery. They found fungus in one of his intestines, and he bleeds in his diaper a lot. This is one of the things they’ve been focusing on the past few days. Patrick has been somewhat “stable” but not enough for him to be sent home. He’s still going through chemo and they’re waiting on the fungus and bleeding to heal.

You can read Patrick’s full story here.

People are now starting fundraisers to help Patrick and his family with the hospital bills. They’ve been there for over 50 days, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving any time soon. So, with that said, here’s a way you can reach out and support this little guy and his family.

Jewel Kade is doing a fundraiser. This girl makes “unique, artistic, hand-crafted charms & necklaces such as customized photo charms, personalized hand-stamped jewelry, & nature and beauty inspired charms.”

I checked out her site, and she has some pretty neat stuff! Those rings and phrase banners are my favorite! All profits from this fundraiser will be donated to Patrick’s family. So if you’re interested, check out her site and buy yourself (or someone else) a pretty little something. Just make sure when you check out to attach your order and select “For Patrick Froehling” (don’t be a ding-dong like me and forget!!!).

If you don’t have enough to buy right now, all I ask is that you simply keep Patrick and his family in your prayers. Every bit helps!


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