Weekly Links!

(Honestly… Wtf)

A new way of creating still lifes! These are my favorites!

(Smile and Wave)

Thank you, Rachel Denbow, for creating such a simple DIY to feed my arrow obsession!

(Lazy Saturdays)

Krista totally rocked this upcycle! Look at her cute baby bump! She’s just way too adorable to handle! Ah!

(Create Loves)


(The Daybook)

Her posts always make me tear up! Here’s a sweet and familiar reminder that will leave you smiling :)

(Here Comes The Sun)

Everyone go over and tell Amanda how adorable her outfit is! She’s not happy with it and needs to be because it’s adorably adorable!

(Song Of Style)

This outfit is torturing me with jealousy! She has the most unique style and I looooove it!

(The Drifter And The Gypsy)

I had never heard of Croatia, but after reading Micaela’s post about it, it’s definitely added on my list of places to see before I die.Stunningly beautiful.

(Love, Elycia)

Elycia’s gardening addiction is rubbing off on me. Take a look at her cute baby garden!

I hope everyone’s Saturday is as gorgeous as it is here, today! Too bad I’ll be working most of it. Oh well, yay money! Have a good-in!


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