Coffee, anyone?

My dad always drank coffee growing up. I loved the smell of it every morning and one day I asked if I could try some. Being that little, I didn’t realize that coffee tastes nothing like it smells (at least to me) and took a nice large sip and about puked. How could something that smelled SO good be so bitter and… not good? I swore I’d never drink coffee again.

A few years later I went to camp and one of our “counselors,” who was a freshman in college, talked to me about how she started drinking coffee. I have no idea how we got onto the subject. Anyway, she said when she first started, she had to load it down with cream and sugar for the first couple months, and then she gradually added less and less of both and by that point she said she could drink it black and be totally content. For some reason, that story stuck with me.

Fast forward to a little over a year ago. My boyfriend, Trey, decided to make some one day and again, the smell got to me. I watched him load his mug with cream and sugar and he let me try it, and it was SUPER sweet, but I liked it! So I made a cup and it all went downhill from there :) I used a CRAP LOAD of sweetening things and started making myself cut back a little more each time. Now, just like my camp counselor, I can drink it with just barely any milk and no sugar and be fine. I also may or may not have somehow become addicted, but that’s not really important at the moment.

It’s become my instant go-to in the morning. It’s become the only thing that can fully wake me up!

Now I find myself stopping in little coffee shops and starbucks and having cravings and all the cute little things that happen to coffee drinkers. I can’t help but to kind of laugh at myself for being a coffee person, considering how my first taste went.

Are you more of a tea person or a coffee person or both? What’s your story?


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