A Little A Week

I’ve always been the type to get obnoxiously grouchy when I’m hungry. Like, since day 1. If I’m not fed, I’m seriously a different person. As long as I have food in my stomach, I’m happy. A lot of times, though, I’ll catch myself almost feeling bad for eating a good, healthy, filling meal. I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to get nutritious food pretty much whenever. I couldn’t imagine not having the ability to get food whenever I’m feeling the least bit hungry.

This week, I decided to give to Action Against Hunger. On average, 3.5 million lives are lost each year due to starvation. Unfortunately, that includes children. This organization focuses on “acute malnutrition.” Acute malnutrition affects 55 million children worldwide- 19 million suffer complete starvation, alone- and results to about 3.5 million deaths per year. That’s A LOT of hungry people, you guys. The thing about Acute Malnutrition? It’s preventable, treatable, and affordable to treat. Here’s how you can help.

Simply go to Action Against Hunger’s website and give a little. That’s it. It can be as little as $1, or as much as $1,000 (or more, if you really wanna), but no matter how much you give, EVERY BIT HELPS. You can be a part of the decrease in those scary numbers. Plus, you’d be feeding a little guy (or gal) who otherwise may have starved.

If you simply can’t give anything at the moment, please keep these children in your prayers. That helps just as much!


P.S. I was not asked to feature this, or any other organizations I’ve posted about so far. This feature was completely my decision to help others. This is my way of helping and spreading the word for these guys.

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