Weekly Links!

(Roots and Feathers)

I am so in love with Laura’s outfit! The yellow shirt, blue (my favorite shade, nonetheless!) nails, and adorable accessories couldn’t have been a better outfit. Perfect!

(Lost In The Haze)

Ugh, this girl and her freaking sweet remedies! First the sugar lips, now the strawberry face! I’m thinking about just trying both of these at the same time and having myself a sweet day! Strawberries have always been one of my favorites.

(Love, Elycia)

So I don’t know if you guys knew this but there’s an International Yarn Bombing day. Yeah, I was pretty curious. Elycia did a fine job documenting :) Next year, for sure!

(The Bohemian Collective)

I had never heard of The Bowerbirds but thanks to Laura (of Roots and Feathers), I feel a new music obsession coming on! Totally up my alley. She posted one of their videos and it’s really nice and calm and scenic and pretty and you should just watch it.

(Sincerely, Kinsey)

Oh Kinsey and your cleverly stylish ways. One scarf, FOUR styles. Seriously clever. And cute. And inspiring!

(Arrow & Apple)

Words cannot explain how much I love her photography. I think she mainly does couple photos and weddings and love and whatnot. I also think this was my favorite shoot she’s done so far. What a sweet and fun couple <3

(A Law Student’s Journey)


(A Beautiful Mess)

They are just unfair. I would do anything to be either of them for a day. SO many amazing outfits.

(The Dainty Squid)

I just bought a Polaroid 210 from our local thrift store. These are from a 215. I honestly didn’t think they made film for these things anymore and got nothing on E-bay so I gave up looking. She left a link on her post and I eventually found the “Photo Paper” I need. I’m really excited, either way, that I know what to call it and knowing it’s available. I just need to figure out if the thing even functions before spending a chunk of savings on film. Anyway, her pictures turned out adorable! That puppy!!!

(I Just Might Explode)

I have to say that I’m quite a big fan of Kara’s new work! I love her style!

Well, it’s a late post. I worked all day. Happens. Think I’m about to call it a night.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far!


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