Lazy Days

Overwhelming bloglovin’ feed: check

Complete lack of motivation: check

Lie around and sleep and watch tv: check

Eat everything in sight: check

Shorts and t-shirt: check

Lazy week: check

Sometimes I just need a good break from everything involving the internet. I haven’t done anything other than chores, and I’m ok with that. As silly as this may sound (even to me) I feel as if my blog is a little too structured and not personal enough for me. It’s a little too cliche and normal for my taste. I need a little more carefree. So I’ve been taking it easy, and I’m letting ideas come and go as they may. Some may end up on here, others may end up being up for sale, and some just might stay private. Who knows.

Not saying there won’t be structure. I think this place needs a little more Sarah ;)

Hope everyone is doing well!


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