Fall Inspiration

Fall Inspiration

I love summer, I really do, but it’s been so hot and humid lately that I can’t help but to anticipate fall. This year, I’m really digging:

  1. Slouchy beanies- I’ve always loved these, and they look SO cute with an over-sized sweater.
  2. Speaking of which, can’t get much more fallish than a super comfy over-sized sweater!
  3. I just really liked that bracelet.
  4. Can’t go wrong with a cute slouchy backpack!
  5. BOOTS. I am obsessing over boots lately. I must find some black ones like these!
  6. I absolutely love this style of shorts. I like the thickness of the waist and the extra buttons. And that color can’t be any more perfect.

I would probably throw on a really long necklace along with all this. I love long necklaces with sweaters.

I know it’s too soon to start posting fall things, we’ve still got August (the hottest month, apparently) to sweat through. It’s just been too hot to enjoy anything outside, this year. Oh well, can’t complain. Summer’s always fun. (i love you, summer!!!)


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