Wants and Needs


  • New clothes… And hair. Hair color.
  • A job that will let me dye my hair however the FRENCH I want to dye it.
  • A big-girl job.
  • A life.
  • More documentation of the life I’m currently living. Even though it’s temporary and things will come and go and change and not everyone in my life is happy, I still feel like life, generally, is just worth documenting. Even hard times.


  • Motivation
  • Money
  • A tripod
  • Confidence
  • A new city. With more places to go other than Zaxby’s and Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, Zaxby’s is great but the only new things we ever get around here involves food and while I’m a girl who eats like a starving elephant on a daily basis, the whole “new food” thing is getting old. We need boutiques! And antique shops! And cute little shops with nice people and not cute little shops with rude people! -End rant.
  • Coffee
  • A big-girl job.
  • HELP in photoshop. I don’t know who all constructed it, but they. are. WIZARDS.

It was real pretty and nice today, but I got lazy and forgot to do… Everything. In all honesty, I just don’t want to bore everyone with the same type of pictures. I’m really nervous about going out and snapping pictures of every day things, although I shouldn’t be. It’s something I really do need to get over.

I’ll figure it out.



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