(Dorothy Perkins)

(Planet Blue)

Seems like I’m digging the whole zig-zag thing. I love the colors of both of these pieces!


How freaking cute is this Beach Bunny Sandal?! They come in 3 different color combinations and I want them all!!! The colors, the belty strap, the boho feel, everything.

(Street Art Utopia)

Tell me this isn’t one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen! I would love to chill in that thing all day.

(Street Art Utopia)

I love me some Banksy humor. He’s definitely my favorite street artist!

(Rent The Runway)

A cute little dream catcher jewelry DIY! Can’t go wrong with some cute dream catchers.

(Boat People)

I really like the look of these cut out jeans, but I’m really scared to try them on my own! I’ll have to hunt down some old jeans and test it out. But anyway, CUTE.

(Michael Graydon)

I absolutely love the feel of these photos. He does mostly interior, I think, but I found it easy to get lost in all of his pictures.

I’m off to plan another feature! I’m really excited about this one. How’s your Monday going?


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