Learn With Me- Action Shots

I’ve been practicing photography since 8th grade, but I’ve never been able to fully grasp the “action shots.” Sports, babies, pets, ect. So I decided now would be the perfect time to finally learn and why not make it a new feature? Every time I learn something new pertaining to photography or photoshop or anything technical, I’ll post a Learn With Me, and share what I learned and how everything turned out.

I simply googled some good step-by-step (I unfortunately have to be walked through every step of every unfamiliar process) instructions that I found to be pretty helpful. And what better subjects to practice on than cats?! They’re constantly doing something and moving.

These are before shots, where I just winged it and tried on my own. I clearly had no idea what to to. And I was super bummed that first picture didn’t turn out. That would’ve been so cute. Oh well.

These are after shots. I need a LOTTTT more practice, but I am starting to catch on. I really should spend the next couple of days practicing, because there may or may not be an occasion coming up where this will come in handy. It’s a secret ;)

Hokay! Here are the very basic instructions I jotted down. You can read the full ones here, but I only found the first 3 completely necessary. The rest are more like tips to make it easier for intensely action-y situations. Anything with an astrix beside it represents how I remember the step.

  1.  Set to TV mode. *TV- Television-Moving picture
  2. Set shutter speed.
  3. Raise ISO *The higher the speed limit, the faster you go! This is where I was messing up. The before pics had an ISO of 100, which I didn’t realize. The after pics were set to 800. I could even go up one more and set it to 1600, which I’ll try. I think this is the one I need need NEED to remember!
  4. Set self-timer to “Continuous.”
  5. Manual focus.
  6. Turn off image review.
  7. Have a wide composition to allow movement.
  8. Lock in Autofocus by pressing the shutter button half-way.
  9. Press shutter button completely.

These were taken with a Canon Rebel XS EOS, so these instructions may vary depending on your camera.

Hope you learned something like I did! :)


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