(Fabian Ciraolo)

There’s not a single thing I don’t like about these works of art. I love seeing an updated Dorothy!

(Rebekka Ivàcson)

I love the emotion she’s able to capture in her paintings.


Ugh these boots depress me! I want them so bad. Everything about them is perfect.

(Rickety Rack)

I really like the contrast between the lace and the bold, hot pink. Such a pretty little dress.

(P.S. I Made This)

I really like the idea of using ombre on things other than hair. I love the look on nails and walls. The color chosen for this is perfect!

(A Beautiful Mess)

I found Elsie’s color stories to be really inspirational. She makes a good point.


Fashion videos like this inspire me to no end. They’re so unique and beautifully made.

(Sincerely, Kinsey)

These engagement pictures are gorgeous. This one particularly reminds me of The Notebook (the old look/farris wheel/night time thing going on). Cute <3

Have a good week!


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