July Blogs!

I found a handful of new blogs this month that I’m really excited to share!

(Trop Rogue)

I love everything about Christina’s style! She has such a unique taste, and she’s flawless! What’s not to like? This fashion blog has something fresh and beautiful every day.

(See Me Everywhere)

I feel like I have a lot in common with this girl. She takes gorgeous pictures and I always look forward to reading about what she’s up to.

(Boat People)

I really like the feel of this blog, and I easily end up going though pages and pages without realizing. This one is just enjoyable to me, for some reason!

(Calico Skies)

There’s a charm to this blog that I really like. I’m also drawn to the sunny photos.

(Kyla Is Inspired)

Her style is so cute! I love the personality that comes through her posts!

(Off Switch)

Simply beautiful. From the fashion, to the colors of the photos, to the style, everything. I love it!


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Keeping Casual

Details: Shirt- Hand-me-down; Vest- Can’t remember; Shorts- F21; Shoes- Ebay; Necklace- Thrifted; Hat- Gift

That awkward moment when you don’t notice a stain until you’re editing your pictures. I have no idea where it came from. Oh well. Things happen.

Went with curly hair doing the famous headband trick. I want to hug whoever discovered it! It’s still hot and it’s still making me lazy. I’m starting to think I’m ready for fall, even though I have yet to go swimming. I need to do this soon!

Any good last minute summer plans?


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(Dorothy Perkins)

(Planet Blue)

Seems like I’m digging the whole zig-zag thing. I love the colors of both of these pieces!


How freaking cute is this Beach Bunny Sandal?! They come in 3 different color combinations and I want them all!!! The colors, the belty strap, the boho feel, everything.

(Street Art Utopia)

Tell me this isn’t one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen! I would love to chill in that thing all day.

(Street Art Utopia)

I love me some Banksy humor. He’s definitely my favorite street artist!

(Rent The Runway)

A cute little dream catcher jewelry DIY! Can’t go wrong with some cute dream catchers.

(Boat People)

I really like the look of these cut out jeans, but I’m really scared to try them on my own! I’ll have to hunt down some old jeans and test it out. But anyway, CUTE.

(Michael Graydon)

I absolutely love the feel of these photos. He does mostly interior, I think, but I found it easy to get lost in all of his pictures.

I’m off to plan another feature! I’m really excited about this one. How’s your Monday going?


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Learn With Me- Action Shots

I’ve been practicing photography since 8th grade, but I’ve never been able to fully grasp the “action shots.” Sports, babies, pets, ect. So I decided now would be the perfect time to finally learn and why not make it a new feature? Every time I learn something new pertaining to photography or photoshop or anything technical, I’ll post a Learn With Me, and share what I learned and how everything turned out.

I simply googled some good step-by-step (I unfortunately have to be walked through every step of every unfamiliar process) instructions that I found to be pretty helpful. And what better subjects to practice on than cats?! They’re constantly doing something and moving.

These are before shots, where I just winged it and tried on my own. I clearly had no idea what to to. And I was super bummed that first picture didn’t turn out. That would’ve been so cute. Oh well.

These are after shots. I need a LOTTTT more practice, but I am starting to catch on. I really should spend the next couple of days practicing, because there may or may not be an occasion coming up where this will come in handy. It’s a secret ;)

Hokay! Here are the very basic instructions I jotted down. You can read the full ones here, but I only found the first 3 completely necessary. The rest are more like tips to make it easier for intensely action-y situations. Anything with an astrix beside it represents how I remember the step.

  1.  Set to TV mode. *TV- Television-Moving picture
  2. Set shutter speed.
  3. Raise ISO *The higher the speed limit, the faster you go! This is where I was messing up. The before pics had an ISO of 100, which I didn’t realize. The after pics were set to 800. I could even go up one more and set it to 1600, which I’ll try. I think this is the one I need need NEED to remember!
  4. Set self-timer to “Continuous.”
  5. Manual focus.
  6. Turn off image review.
  7. Have a wide composition to allow movement.
  8. Lock in Autofocus by pressing the shutter button half-way.
  9. Press shutter button completely.

These were taken with a Canon Rebel XS EOS, so these instructions may vary depending on your camera.

Hope you learned something like I did! :)


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Wants and Needs


  • New clothes… And hair. Hair color.
  • A job that will let me dye my hair however the FRENCH I want to dye it.
  • A big-girl job.
  • A life.
  • More documentation of the life I’m currently living. Even though it’s temporary and things will come and go and change and not everyone in my life is happy, I still feel like life, generally, is just worth documenting. Even hard times.


  • Motivation
  • Money
  • A tripod
  • Confidence
  • A new city. With more places to go other than Zaxby’s and Walmart. Don’t get me wrong, Zaxby’s is great but the only new things we ever get around here involves food and while I’m a girl who eats like a starving elephant on a daily basis, the whole “new food” thing is getting old. We need boutiques! And antique shops! And cute little shops with nice people and not cute little shops with rude people! -End rant.
  • Coffee
  • A big-girl job.
  • HELP in photoshop. I don’t know who all constructed it, but they. are. WIZARDS.

It was real pretty and nice today, but I got lazy and forgot to do… Everything. In all honesty, I just don’t want to bore everyone with the same type of pictures. I’m really nervous about going out and snapping pictures of every day things, although I shouldn’t be. It’s something I really do need to get over.

I’ll figure it out.



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Details: Dress- Forever21; Fedora- hand-me-down; Shoes- Natural Reflections

IT’S SO HOT outside. I was drenched after taking these pictures! Ew. But it’s sunny and bright and pretty so I shouldn’t complain.
I think it’s time to start saving for a tri-pod. A series may or may not come out of it, I’m still deciding if I have the strength to follow through with the whole thing. We shall see. It would fill in a loooooot of blanks in my blog schedule.

Have a good Tuesday!


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It’s Monday!

(Audrey Pongracz)

I LOVE this! It took me a second to realize what she was eating, but I died when I saw it. Humorous professional paintings are one of my favorites!

(A Beautiful Mess)

I’m a little late on this one, but still. I think Emma and Elsie are brilliant. I would have never thought to sew doilies onto shorts. I want to make all of these!

(Apartment Therapy)

I love suitcase furniture! I almost had a suitcase nightstand when I was younger (we had the perfect suitcase for it), but we never got around to making it. These shelves are the cutest!

(Deviant Art)

I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve never seen “watercolor” tattoos before. Now that I know this can be done, I’m ready for my next one!


This completely freaks me out, but I want to swim in one so bad!!! I can’t stop staring.

(Attitude Clothing)

I’ve fallen for the anchor. I put on on my ankle, permanently, and I can’t stop noticing them EVERYWHERE. They’re just so dang cute! I’d wear this sweatshirt out in a heartbeat.


How perfect are these engagement pictures?! I would love to do this, engaged or not. Ugh, so cute.

What’s inspiring you this week?



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Real quick…

Thank you so much to those of you who decided to follow me! I know I’m just getting started, so there isn’t much, but I do have big plans for this little space. I’m making a lot of adjustments, things might change every day. I honestly appreciate your support! You guys make me smile! :)

I have to work today, unfortunately, but before I go in, I’m going to sit down and really start thinking about what I want this blog to become. I hope everyone is having as beautiful of a Monday as we’re having over here in Tennessee. I’ll be back soon!



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My Weekend

It’s the first time I’ve had both Saturday AND Sunday off at my job since I got hired. I celebrated by sleeping in, dressing up, and forcing myself to get over my picture-taking awkwardness! It’s been a lovely one.

Last night we threw our first “dinner party” as a celebration for finishing the front patio. We had grilled… everything, and I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time! They were pleasantly surprising and I found myself getting full before the actual dinner was done. That didn’t stop me from eating all that pork and potatoes, though! It’s been a good weekend, for sure. AND it’s been sunny!

How’s your weekend been?


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Seven About Sarah

  1. I’m very awkward, and extremely shy.

2.I may or may not have a very intense love for shoes.

3. I have a vertical labret piercing and I love it. Haven’t regretted it a single bit!

4. Tegan and Sara are my favorite band. I was on the verge of passing out when this picture of me with them was taken. Most embarrassing/exciting day of my life.

5. I have a very intense owl obsession.

6. I enjoy painting.

7. I am constantly making something.



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